Cosburn Park Lawn Bowling Club

You can download a copy of the membership application HERE

You can download a copy of the waiver HERE

Application/Waiver Instructions

OLBA Insurance/Waiver Changes Effective 2015 Lawn Bowling Season

Go to OLBA’s Website for additional information

Blank Applications & Waivers will also be provided at the Club House.

1) Membership Application instructions:

  • complete all fields
  • sign & date on top line
  • provide phone, email & emergency contact info (required by Board of Management “BOM”) Note: If you do not want info shared in the Club Roster, with fellow members, check “NO” in appropriate boxes.
  • provide info required by City of Toronto
  • select & check Membership type & bowls rental (if required) & include payment amount (taxes do not apply)
  • Note: Missing or incorrect payment and your membership application will not be processed.

2) Waiver For Adult Participants instructions:

  • read & understand the assumption of risk
  • the OLBA has insurance coverage and as part of that coverage, this waiver form must be signed by all playing lawn bowling members. Note: No signature and your membership application will not be processed.
  • this is a one-time signature & your signed waiver will be kept on file at the Club for future membership years
  • have your signature witnessed. Witness does not need to be a Board Member nor a Club Member. Spouse, partner, friend, family member, etc. will do.
  • Note: Recommend your “witness” be the person that you have identified as your “Contact Name in Emergency” on the Membership Application form, but not necessary.

Completed applications may be forwarded as follows:

1) By mail to Treasurer

Brian Tagg
300 Bloor St. East, Suite 811
Toronto, ON    M4W 3Y2


2) Drop in the mail slot (addressed to Treasurer) located at the front of the new office in the basement.  Office is located between the Men’s & Women’s locker rooms.


3) Give to a member of the Board Executive – Frank Hibbs, John Weatherbed, Brian Tagg or Freda Trattner– who will check it for completeness and accuracy.


Thank you for your co-operation and membership renewal.

Have a great lawn bowling season.

Brian Tagg, CPLBC Treasurer